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Tentative Schedule

A few weeks back, I brainstormed the ideas that I’d like to cover in my creation series.  So far, it’s a short list:

The Sequence of Creation (likely publication date: 4/17/2015) – There seems to be a preoccupation with time when it comes to how the universe was created (first, the number of days until it was complete, and then the elapsed years since anything new was introduced).  My goal is to gloss over all of that and focus more on the order of events, which may give more insight into when things may have been created, based on other prerequisites.

Why 10,000 Years? (projected publication date: 5/1/2015) – In this case, I would focus more on a timeline, but not for the creation events themselves.  When a number like 6,000 or 10,000 is mentioned, it’s often said in a skeptical or sarcastic way, and dismissed without further explanation.  There are actually strong reasons for mentioning numbers in the range of 6,000 to 10,000, which I hope to research by the end of April, in order to keep on a schedule of one post every two weeks.

Ages of the Earth (projected publication date: 5/15/2015) – Similar to the universe described by Tolkien, I strongly believe the Earth has gone through at least two previous “ages.”  The Bible suggests at least two more that are set in the future.

That’s currently the end of the list, although I’m not completely out of ideas (mostly short on time/organization).  One thought is that, for every topic relating to creation, I could try to discover what the opposing viewpoint has to say, and make some comparisons (or mostly contrasts?) between them.  I’m actually most familiar with creation, and would need to read about evolutionary history before feeling confident enough to write a post.  As an example, the concept of multiple “ages” could probably partner with “Uniformitarianism,” since many of the default assumptions in evolutionary theory appear to rely upon conditions remaining the same for long periods of time.

For my alternate series about hobbies and other interests, I’m starting to formulate a few ideas, such as video games, collecting Amiibo, and The Silmarillion.  The part I’m not sure of yet is whether to create a similar two week rotation for those posts that falls in between creation posts, or to make them more frequent.

For now. it’s off to study the concepts that I’ll present in Friday’s post!


First Things First

Welcome to my new blog!

Yes, it may look a little “generic.”  When I considered what kind of theme I pictured in my head, it was a two column layout, with the emphasis on the wider left column.  Thankfully, WordPress has such a theme; it almost resembles a digital sheet of blank paper.

Some of the people who’ve gotten to know me the best think I should have some type of journal or blog.  I’ve thought for a few months about what I would post if I had a blog, or what topic(s) to feature.  I came up with the idea of: creation.

My intent isn’t really to be a stereotypical “creation vs evolution” writer.  In fact, I’d prefer not to insult or “attack” popular personalities who may disagree with the information I present.  I’m still in the early stages of figuring out how I’ll do that, because I may mention a few such people by name along the way.

At least at the beginning of my article series, I plan to create new posts every two weeks.  Why every two weeks?  The world is used to an instant streaming, microwave dinner, fast food pace of activity.  How are you supposed to stand out in that kind of culture?  Another reason may just be the speed at which I study and process information.  Often, when I’ve volunteered to lead a Bible study, I might start preparing two weeks in advance.  My goal is to make sure I have a chance to read all the material, and then seek out sermons or other commentary that help to explain certain passages.

There’s only one ground rule that I request.  I’m very intolerant towards profanity and personal attacks or verbal abuse.  Chances are, we don’t know each other, or we’re not close acquaintances.  How is it possible that you would be angry with me?  Are you sure you’re not comparing me to a caricature you’ve heard somewhere else, or misplacing your anger, which is actually burning towards someone else?

Another idea I have is to alternate between spiritual topics and some of my hobbies, or thoughts about pop culture (books I’m reading, movie reviews …).  In that case, I might write a new article each week, but on a different weekday.  In other words, there may be 4 to 5 days between a creation post and a hobby post, but probably longer than a week until the next creation post.

Thank you for your readership, and I hope to present some original ideas that may not have been presented to you up until now.